Design & Build

The right design is everything

Did you know that the secret of the design and build process is getting the design right from the very start? Well it is!

That’s why we don’t have cookie-cutter house plans which may limit your design options. We’ll provide you with free initial designs that are customized to your unique situation. This involves meeting with you, asking lots of questions about your lifestyle and requirements and showing you successful designs we’ve created for others.


The initial plans we provide are free because we’re confident that we’ll get this part of the design and build process right for you.

Free house plans, designed for you and no-one else

Our design and build process is different. We don’t pump out identical looking houses that have identical features. You deserve something unique. Something designed just for you.


But it gets better. What if you could get the custom design you wanted without paying anything for it? Because we give you this service, you’ll be able to take the first step through the process without the normal anxiety over costs. Where are you at with your design and build journey? Even if you’re starting out or haven’t got a clue, you can talk to us.


No pressure. It costs nothing to share your goals and find out it there’s a fit.

Interior design that works for you

The interior design part of the new home building process is exciting! The finishing touches where everything comes together to give you perfect harmony and the look and feel you want. Imagine if you could pick the brains of real experts.


Share ideas, brainstorm options, materials, colours, textures and more. It’s a cool process that you’ll love. It’s not just about the colour. Cupboards, taps, and everything else is discussed. It’s a process where you can inject your own personality and style.


Are you ‘hopeless’ when it comes to design? Not a problem! We know from helping others exactly how to help you get what you want.

Home design specialists at your service

As our Build7 Central Otago client, we’ll pick one of our architects to lead the design phase of your new home. It’s a very important part of the picture – and it’s customised for you. Our designers are chosen to work with you based on their strengths and the best fit for you personally.


Your needs and your way of wanting things done is taken into account. Maybe you have no idea where to start? No problem. We know how to help you too!

10 year guarantee

Our builders are Certified Master Builders. Our subcontractors are personally selected based on many years of experience and judgment. So what? For you it means total peace of mind and relief knowing that quality of your home is exactly how it should be.


That’s why we’ve developed Safe Hands Guarantee that includes a 10 year comprehensive warranty. It’s also our systems that mean you get a good outcome. This includes trade professionals, sub-contractors, suppliers, designers – in fact everyone who comes into contact with your new home. In fact, you’re able to deal direct with the our design and build experts in their own field.


So what does this ensure? It means you can make changes as we progress – and stay in control. And it’s even fun!