The Process

We design & build beautiful, custom homes in Queenstown Lakes

If you’re new to building a new home, then it can be complex, that’s why we help you through the process. You will be working with the very people who are building your home - our Queenstown Lakes team, part of a nationwide group of experts.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay upfront for architecturally designed plans/renders & elevations?

No, our process means we meet with you on your section & start to gather information on what your dreams are. We sit down with a blank piece of paper and get all of your design elements into a design brief. It’s not until you are completely happy with the footprint of your home, how it looks & feels, and the price before we go off to the contract stage and a deposit is paid.

How do you keep communication up through the build?

We run an app via a mobile app, and as a client you are able to communicate with subcontractors, see timelines and completion dates. Each portion of the build is broken down with timeframes on each.

Do you charge a generic square metre rate?

No, and any builder that sets a square metre rate before doing a design might be telling you porky’s. A square box is far cheaper to build than a rectangular one - even if they are the same square meterage. A rectangle for example needs more windows, more cladding, more Gib because its circumference is larger than a square of the same size internally. We will explain this more in a design brief, but we can work to most budgets depending upon design.

What are your prices?

Prices vary depending on what you are looking for. Our process means we meet with you on your section & start to gather information on what your wants and needs are. We sit down with a blank piece of paper and get all of your design elements into a design brief and it goes in for pricing.

What insurances do you have to protect my new build?

Build7 has contract insurance and we are registered master builders which means the homeowner is protected with a 10 year master build guarantee that starts from the time they sign the contract. It covers a range of things such as materials, workmanship and structural defects to name a few.

How long does a build take?

We have a sunset clause in our contracts, but from slab down to completion is approximately 6 months (depending on how Architectural the build is).

Can I make changes through the build?

Yes, certainly. You can make as many changes as you wish post contract - as long as they are not structural changes. You will want to ensure the footprint of your dream home is set in stone for the working drawings stage of the process - but, in terms of cladding, taps, products used etc etc - change away. We do not charge any fees, or any margin for that matter on variations - what Build7 is charged is what we charge the client. You pay the variations bill at the completion of your build.

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Talk to us

Get in touch even if you’re not ready to build yet. Let’s have a coffee and talk about your goals.


You talk we listen. It’s

about understanding what’s important to you.


The right design is important. You bring your ideas and we’ll bring our expertise and a clean slate.

Sign Off

We ask you to approve everything and explain our “Safe Hands Guarantee” that gives peace of mind that everything is covered.

Building Starts

Yes, it’s finally underway. You’ll see your new home taking shape.

Move In Day

You get a new address and a new future! Sit back and enjoy what we have achieved together.

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